Our Background

SquareDAO is founded by a team of blockchain developers and technology venture capitalists. Coming from Vietnam, the rising global hub of blockchain technology, we started SquareDAO because we believe in the potential of community-backed Web3 projects and the opportunity of a lifetime to help build the next Internet.

Our Mission

SquareDAO aims to create a powerful community of Web3 investors, builders, and enthusiasts. Each community member can play a role in backing the top Web3 projects of the future and usher them into the market for scalable adoption, from funding the treasuries to spreading the words about up-and-coming projects invested and supported by Square.

Our Network

SquareDAO is just getting started, but we’re fortunate enough to have been backed by several partners in both Vietnam and regionally, including Dwarves Foundation, Pod Town, AceStarter, Spac3ship, and Quano6. If you’re keen to join our community, drop us a message on Discord!